Bind frequently used text snippets to short terms, key them in quickly.

Access and type your profile links, favourite emojis, phrases, address, email & IM identities, usernames, and anything you'd need. Instantly, for free. Be a power user with some serious flair!
Free and less than 1 MB
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How does it exactly work?

First, bind a text snippet to a term of your choice. Then, when you’d want to enter the text (or emoji), just type in the term you chose, select it, and press Alt+Shift+P. The term is replaced by the snippet. Zoom zoom.

Or, you could just use it to quickly save something you read!

Quick How-To

Copy Straight Away

Click on the snippet's box to quickly copy it.

Edit or Remove

Right click on a snippet's box to view the options.

Hey, wait. That's all awesome, but

Is there a catch with it being free?

Nope, none at all! This lightweight tool wasn't designed to make money. It was created because I indeed needed it. It turned out to be quite useful! After using it for some time now, I want to share it with the world.

And I hope my snippets are not disclosed.

Yup. Your privacy is assured. Your data is never transmitted or disclosed to either the developer or any other party.

Get It!

Snippet is available on the Chrome Web Store. You can also find it on Product Hunt.

Priority Feature Request

Insert Memes!

Wherever supported, use Snippet to insert your favourite memes! Sweet.

I’d love to hear from you!

I am best reached via email at Get your suggestions, requests, and opinions in!